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Borrow from the amazing energy of other entrepreneurs like you and get the supportive, but firm nudge you need to get to the finish line.

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You have this great idea, this product you want to create.  The idea is sitting there on a post it note, and you know its a good one, but time or lack of it gets in the way.  You wake up and its sitting there waiting to be created.  The 14 day product challenge is your  time to just do it, get started, get it finished and push the LAUNCH Button.  Its not about making money (well maybe a little),  but more about listening to your heart and finally  putting your passion on paper for the world to receive.

Pay $147* and get started on the challenge.  Weekly videos and on line support!  Workbooks, checklists, challenges, and so much support from me and others who have taken the course and are here to support you!  And the best part, FINISH your product and get $100, you read that right, call it an incentive, motivation, a return on your investment, but heck, when have you ever gotten money back, a guarantee on a finished product?

products completed in 2013

Examples of finished products from Sept 2013 Challenge

Your own $100 guarantee for doing the work!

 Workbooks, resource guides and resource library for every question you could imagine.  I have the goods, and the experience, to get you moving, and help you navigate the terrain.  

  • Tech tools you can use (almost all completely free) for those little things like sales pages, e-covers, shopping carts, etc.
  •  Video tutorials and morning messages to keep you on track and motivate you toward the finish line!
  • Personal support in a private group for every question you have, and motivation and encouragement from people just like you who have done the work and published a product.

You, me and a group of accomplished experts who did the work.

Let’s add your name to the list of published creators!

$47 to start

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Step 1

Sign up for the Challenge early bird list

Step 2

Book time in your calendar to focus on getting your product created between October 3 – 16, 2014

Step 3

Show up with a completely open mind on October 3rd. We’ll get this done together.

Loralee Hutton

Loralee Hutton

Join a growing group of 100+ e-product creators

Believe you can do it, commit to the work & you’ll finish!

Hi, my name is Loralee Hutton, creator of the 14 Day Product Challenge. A challenge that’s run twice per year, since early 2013. I’m an online portable business advisor, and absolutely adore testing out tools, plugins and gadgets that make working online easier. You can find me at LoraleeHutton.com where I blog about running a portable online business and share what I’ve learned through mini-courses, workshops and resource guides. From time to time, I run live challenges (like this one), bringing together other like-minded entrepreneurs to “get stuff done”.You may have recently seen my very first book release… “Info Product Complete”, which mirrors the process we’ll be going through in this live challenge.

Upgrade option


1 Rescue Call (regular price $54.00)

One of my “rescue calls” (it’s 15-20 min on the phone/skype to tackle anything tech or business related). Often this includes help with setting up a shopping cart, email autoresponders, or even brainstorming ways to simplify a product so it can be done on time (these things often grow into mammoth projects
More details about the rescue call here: 


Mini Product Review (value $45)

And I’ll also do a “mini product review” for you. I’ll send out more details later this week, but basically you can send me your product any time throughout the challenge (up to Oct 31).
You might have a specific need that I can help with, or I can do a general review. Sometimes people ask for help with formatting PDFs, creating product images, (like 3d ecovers), but it can also be a very general overview too… whatever you need.








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